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This free online guitar lessons website will slash the time it takes for kids to learn and master the basics of the guitar and best of all it's FREE!!


There are many guitar tuition websites out there, so why choose us?
Well, we’ve designed this free guitar tuition website just for kids.
Most guitar lesson sites are geared towards teaching adults, which can make the content confusing for children. We’ve de-constructed the essentials of learning guitar to the smallest, bite-size, kid friendly pieces we could manage, and presented our lessons in a kid friendly way.

Your child can learn the basics of guitar fast at Kids Guitar Zone.com.
Our lessons are strategically planned to cover all basic guitar techniques, learning some fun popular songs along the way.

Our lessons are presented and written by Andrew Keppie, a professional guitarist and teacher, who has poured his years of guitar teaching experience into each lessons on Kids Guitar Zone.com.


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is a kid friendly website

We ensure that all content posted on KidsGuitarZone.com is 100% friendly for kids of all ages.

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Ok, time to get started, click on the lesson links on the left, and enjoy your free online guitar lessons for kids, courtesy of Kids Guitar Zone.com!


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